Pool nodes created: 3923 Storyline events: 45.962.543 Research Hub projects: 145
Pool nodes created: 3923 Storyline events: 45.962.543 Research Hub projects: 145

Research Platform|

seekwhens is built to help you make the most of your research time. Integrated into your workflow, wWe provide the tools to bring your project to the next level, while cutting back on tedious search.

Your first steps
with seekwhens.

We Made Pool| so You Can Focus on Your Research.

Highlight and send bits of information to seekwhens while browsing the web. Pool analyzes these snippets, designs a knowledge network and our AI enriches it with further relevant information, all the while you are out there surfin' ๐Ÿ„

seekwhens Research Hub

The Research Hub| Is Where It All Comes Together.

Your personal space to manage projects, collaborate in teams and exchange ideas with fellow researchers. Explore exciting research ideas and leverage existing projects provided by our community to grow your knowledge network.

With Storyline|BETA There Is No More Losing The Thread.

Curated events, sourced from the web, chronologically visualized on a timeline. The Storyline helps you to quickly grasp complex topics using temporal context and provides tools that enable you to dive deeper where it's required.

seekwhens Storyline

The Mission: Making Knowledge More Easily Accessible.

With our Research Feed, we go far beyond providing a next-generation research engine. It's a new, collaborative way of researching together with other seekwhens community members. New projects may be made public by their creators or even released as open source projects, and upvoted in the research feed by the community to be explored together. Hive mind here we come!

Our Why

seekwhens was created out of a seemingly simple question: There has to better way to research online besides the status quo, right? There is, and - as we would soon learn - we were not the only ones looking for a way to reduce Information Overload while conducting research online.

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seekwhens is Free

Our core functionality is and will always be free to use for our community members. For professional researchers, a subscription with additional features specifically designed for teamwork and extensive research projects will be available soon.

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Talk directly to the team developing seekwehns. Schedule a call to receive a product demo, ask any questions or give feedback.