The Swiss Army Knife for Researchers|

In the wilderness of the web, we provide you intuitively designed tools and features to cut through the BS and fill the void with knowledge. With seekwhens, you will always have the most effective instrument at hand to bring your research to the next level.

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Cut Research Overhead.

Let our cutting-edge apps do the dirty work of gathering, visualizing and managing information while you focus your precious energy on uncovering insights.

Crush Knowledge Silos.

Dispersed knowledge has no value. Our research engine learns from your research behavior and answers with cross-references and intersections.

Collaborate in Teams.

Push the boundaries of knowledge creation together with your fellow researchers by joining forces on the topics you investigate.

Leverage Crowd Wisdom.

Publish your insights to the crowd and receive reviews, improvement suggestions, fact-checking and further information to make your work bulletproof.

Build on Existing Projects.

Why reinvent the wheel? Fork existing research projects from the community and add your own knowledge to answer your unique research question.

A Home for Your Research.

We provide a dedicated Workspace for your research projects. Come in, be inspired and thrive in this environment solely dedicated to research.