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Our core functionality is and will always be free to use for our community members. For professional researchers, a subscription with additional features specifically designed for teamwork and extensive research projects will be available soon.



  • Free for personal use
  • Unlimited public projects
  • Collaborative sharing
  • Support and resources
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Coming Soon: Researcher


  • Unlimited private projects
  • Work with teams permissions
  • Research assistant
  • Project versioning


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  • Custom APIs
  • Proprietary sources
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Enterprise grade support

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Free Researcher Enterprise
Public Projects
Private Projects 1 Project (unlimited for now)
Sharing and Collaboration
Support Resources
Project ForkingNew
Team Permissions – Coming Soon 🚩
Research Assistant – Coming Soon 🚩
Project Versioning – Coming Soon 🚩
Custom APIs
Proprietary Sources
Dedicated Infrastructure
Enterprise grade support