Time for Your Research|

Following a red thread to get to the core of a topic is easy. However, discovering the red thread is considered the holy grail in research and consumes the most effort and time. Storyline finds and visualizes the one common thread that can be found in every topic out there - a linear, intuitive and obvious way to understand information: Time.

seekwhens Storyline

Chronological Context For Your Research|

Enter a search term to get all relevant events sorted chronologically and backed up with additional sources providing evidence for these events. Provide multiple terms separated by commas to build multiple storylines in one frame. The result: chronological context that allows you to understand your topic from the beginning to the end.

Interlinks To Highlight Event Relationships|

Storyline automatically detects relationships between events and allows you to interlink them. This way, Storyline uncovers connections you never thought existed.


Forked Storylines To Branch Out On Your Own|

Once you discover that a subtopic is unfolding in your Storyline, you have the ability of forking off a new Storyline of its own to explore that subtopic separately from the original research topic.