Connecting the Dots|

It's scientifically proven: interactive visualizations help us humans to comprehend information faster and remember it better than plain text. Enter Pool: a powerful algorithm that transforms the textual information you find on the web into intuitive, interactive visualizations of knowledge networks.

seekwhens Pool

Input: Text. Output: Interactive Knowledge Networks|

Pool turns text into interactive knowledge networks, creating nodes on different levels: Root, Source, Data and Entity. Since every node level has a different visual look, this pre-structuring instantly creates an overview of your research that is the launch pad for deep dives.

AI-powered Relationship Construction|

Using the latest advances in AI, Pool understands text and automatically creates relationships between every piece of information you supply. The result is an embedded knowledge network that makes it easier for you to draw conclusions, gain insights and get to the core of the matter.


Automated Web Scans|

Our built-in research engine first detects entities in your text (e.g., people, places, organizations) before searching the web for more knowledge points and facts about the entity. Click on any entity to see what the research engine has found within a fraction of a second.

Let Us Do The Copy-Pasting And So Much More|

Add the original seekwhens extension to your Google Chrome browser and focus on the task at hand while we handle things for you in the background.