Transforming Information Into Knowledge.

seekwhens was born from a seemingly simple question: "There has to be a better way than the status quo to conduct online research, right?" There is, and - as we soon discovered - we were far from the only ones looking for a way to reduce information overload during research. We also realized that most alternatives out there focus on just one thing: the search itself. But search ≠ knowledge, so here we are building a new home for your research :)

We Aspire to be Better

Independent & Unbiased

We believe that knowledge should be objective, rational and unbiased. That's why we will never sell our community's data, so our platform will always be ad-free.

Factual & High Quality

We cross-reference reliable, established and reputable sources to cut through the noise and enable you to safely build your trusted knowledge base.

Collaborative & Open

We hope to foster synergies in research by building a vibrant community centered around expanding our collective knowledge and expertise.

Reliable & Safe

We understand that poking holes, investigating and uncovering truths can be a sensitive topic. That's why we protect your data and your research.

The Team

Kiran Banakar – Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Jonas Ehrenstein – Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Marcel Hechler – Founding Angel & Advisor

Awards and Press

1st place at University Innovation Challenge|

seekwhens won 1st place in the category "Future Digital Working" at the University Innovation Challenge, organized and hosted by Handelsblatt, Germany's biggest and most renowned business publication.

seekwhens at University Innovation Challenge

Programs and Partners

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